Taking Personal Development to a Whole New Level!

It’s time to kick that spiraling, hot mess self to the curb and become the CEO of your life! Explore and revive your superpowers, your purpose, and your limitless potential to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. You were created for greatness so, leave the hot mess behind and accelerate to a life of excellence and fulfillment. Your train is waiting!


You are NOT alone!! You may have felt alone and isolated over the past couple of years however, you can take the first step and move into a tribe that is here to support and connect with you, as they too, are wanting more in their life. The combined collective wisdom and diverse approaches to life’s challenges in a safe space equates to one amazing journey. Be part of something bigger—expand your circle, feel the energy, and awaken your potential, as you cultivate a life of personal power.


Solo Power!

You are on a solo exploration to restore your personal power! Your purpose, vision and dreams need to come to the top and replace those self-limiting beliefs and mindsets that have been weighing you down for too long. The experience of the AHA’s and new paths along the way, will blow your mind! It is time to free yourself from the outside noise and focus on YOUR personal journey to reclaim a life YOU want, deserve and control!

coaching parties!

If you are contemplating Power Coaching, invite some friends over and have a Coaching Party. It will be a mini version of a tribe coaching session that could turn into a new Tribe of Power.



Tonya Boldezar -8_25

With a former career of 25 years in Client Management and
Development, an MBA concentrating in Organizational
Behavior and Development, in addition to a Life Coach
Training and Certification, Tonya brings her enthusiasm,
optimism, laughter and personal mission to help others OWN