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Tonya's Official Fancy Bio

After 2 ½ decades of working around the clock and traveling, while raising 2 babies (now teens), amidst the “regular” responsibilities of homeowner, mom, wife, daughter, cook, housecleaner, mediator, and of course an UBER, administrative assistant, and embarrassment to her children, Tonya lived on autopilot with no landing. She was a hot mess that lived a life to make others happy and comfortable, always doing and not being.

It wasn’t until she hired a coach that she began to open her eyes to a life that could be. With a former career of 25 years in Client Relationship Management and Business Development, an MBA concentrating in Organizational Behavior and Management as well as extensive Life Coach Training and Certification, Tonya integrated her professional, educational, and ongoing training to fulfill her purpose of helping others become the best and highest version of themselves and to take back their personal POWER!